Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cyclic Life of Planets

Essence of the Theory of Origin is the ideal balance condition of the universe with its self-sustaining ability. Whenever the balance is damaged, the universe will act to change the conditions back to the original balance state. The theory considers that the big purpose of the universal existence has been protecting the perfect balance, which is necessary for its survival. The paradox behind the self-sustainability of the balance condition will surely challenge the civilized societies with peaceful mind. War among the creatures with high intelligence is one of the universe's tool to sustain the balance.

    About four hundred thousand years ago, there was a planet called Zola just where the Earth is located in space now. Their technological development caused damages on the environmental balance that brought their end. In order to re-establish the ideal balance considion, the planet had to go through the re-formation process. In a space station, there were twenty eight scientists who identified a giant planet heading to Zola from far deep space and tried to stop the crash unsuccessfully. They were the only survivors from the big crash occurred in front of their eyes. These scientists eventually discovered a black gate by accident after wondering around for many years in space. Their space station had the capability to sustain life for a limited number of population. Their children born on the space station found a planet with livable conditions, which they named as Zola for the memory of their original planet.
    They observed how the planet Earth was formed from the broken particles, meteors and dusts of Zola. A big piece broken off from the crashed planet formed the moon. The radiometric tests showing the age of Earth as about 4.5 billion years included the rock particle from the Earth’s predecessor Zola and also from the planet crashed to Zola. The cyclic life system of the planets and the creatures including humans existed in the original universe was the strongest tool of the universe to sustain the balance condition. When the balance was lost on a planet, it would get into reformation process of the cyclic life system by getting destroyed and reformed, just like the planet Zola.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Out of Season Xmas

It was interesting to see Xmas decoration in the middle of August at a hotel in Perth.