Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Never ending life cycle

According to the theory, life has a cycle of reforming, but there is also a cycle of continuation. For example, when a living thing dies out. The body is eaten by the microorganisms, other anymals, or mixes to the soil and plants. The plants are eaten by the animals. The genes of the dead creatures including humans pass through other plants and living creatures and start living in the blood cells of ohter animals and plants.

Through these plants and animals, the genes and DNA passes through other living organism's systems, blood and cells. As a result of the food process, the dead body merges with the living body. The cycle of food system eventuallay forms a connection among all living creatures as if all is one. This process of 'All Forming One' confirms a universal link and obvious proof of a bigger system. The universe establishes link among all existing things and aims to sustain its survival.